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Moment Of Zen

I’m starting a new, series of posts today, about finding that moment of zen. It’s to help inspire you and set a tone for your week to come. There are many things in life that boost my spirits and things to think about that can help me achieve a perspective on my life, week, and day to help motivate me and keep me seeing the absolute best aspects of my life. Today I am going to begin sharing some of these things with you and hope that you can get as much from them as I do. I like to take a moment to center myself and think about something that can help bring meaning and direction to my life at the start of each day and especially starting out the week. This is my daily #momentofzen and today’s inspiration is a quote from Rumi.

Set Your Life On Fire. Seek Those Who Fan Your Flames

Set Your Life On Fire. Seek Those Who Fan Your Flames - RumiI really like this quote because it is about taking control and responsibility for you and your environment. Many of us go through life surrounding ourselves with whoever wants to be around us. We let our circle grow without thought or purpose and don’t take time to consider what interacting with their thoughts, beliefs, and energy brings into our lives. This doesn’t mean that you have to get rid of all of the friends and people who are currently in your life. What Rumi is talking about is focus. There will always be people in our lives that don’t fan the flames of our purpose or direction. This doesn’t make them bad people. This doesn’t mean that you need to rid yourself of them. For me, this quote is about making certain that I spend time finding and spending time with people that help me stay focused, impassioned, and driven on my journey through life.

This, however, doesn’t mean to go out and find people that will tell you want you want to hear at all times. No one needs people blowing hot air in places that it doesn’t belong. This is all about building a circle of people that can be trusted to be honest and trustworthy. It is about building and focusing on a circle of trust. We want to build an environment of candid and active support through truth and honesty.  This should be through actions as well as words. It’s important to plant your beliefs, desires, and thoughts firmly in the world through action.


Cultivate This In Your Life – Use Your Moment of Zen to Focus On It

In order to cultivate this in your life, it’s important to learn how to give. Too many people are taught to take from others and the energy involved in that causes a negative flow from outside you to inside. This is the opposite of creative. Flame is all about burning from the inside and radiating that light and warmth outward. This is what we want in our lives. This is the nature of creation. If you want to create a great life for yourself, you need to learn to give of yourself to the world. This is what Rumi is talking about when he says “Set your life on fire”. It’s taking that passion from within you and sharing it with the world. Give your passion to all that will receive it and create the life that you want to have. Become a giver instead of being a taker.

The second half of Rumi’s quote deals with, what some could perceive as a justification to take but it actually isn’t. When he say’s to “Seek those who fan your flames”, he is not saying to find people that you can take energy from but rather receive energy from. It is the other end of giving. Giving is only valuable when there is someone to receive.  The fanning is irrelevant if there is nothing to receive the energy of the fan. When there is never a shortage of giving, there is never a need to take. This is important because, if you are focused on taking from others, you cannot be focused on giving at the same time.

To create your perfect life, you must focus on creation. Creation is about an outward expression of the inward you. It is about giving your beauty to someone that is willing to receive it.  Finding people that want to see my vision and can actively help me to become a better version of my self is this weeks zen goal for me. I would love to hear other thoughts on the meaning of Rumi’s quote or examples of how you have applied this in your life.


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