Our wicks are made from ring spun organic cotton

Our Candle Wicks

In order to craft the cleanest luxury candles, we had to choose every ingredient carefully to ensure it was socially and environmentally responsible, and safe for you and your family to breathe.

It is difficult to relax and enjoy a moment of Zen when you are inhaling toxic fumes from chemically and synthetically enhanced candles and wicks that create indoor air pollution.



Natural Zen’s wicks are made from the highest quality organic ring spun cotton, and they have been tested by the Oekotex Standard (the leading authority on textile safety) Our wicks are free from pollutants and harmful substances so that you can breathe deeply, enjoying the true scents of Nature and the magical ambiance of the cleanest burning candle.

Our wicks are made from ring spun organic cotton

Natural Zen luxury candles use organic cotton wicks

ECO wicks

Socially and environmentally responsible ingredients


Many candle wicks contain a core to enhance stiffness, often made of metal or paper (and previously lead.)  Our wicks do not contain a core and are made of only braided ring spun cotton.

The wicks in our Natural Zen Luxury Candelilla and Coconut Candles do not contain any of the chemical or toxic pretreatment agents that most candle wicks use to enhance their burn and color. Our wicks rely only on salt and the braiding technique used to provide the perfect burn. Our clean burning candles will truly amaze you.

Natural Zen helps you improve your indoor air quality while enhancing your mood and space with our natural home fragrance delights. Indulge in a moment of Zen today.

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