What We Do

Natural Zen Home Fragrance Studio provides you with natural candles and home fragrance options that are toxin free and safe for you and your family. Our healthy candles and home fragrance goods are luxuriously crafted with 100% plant based ingredients that are sustainably sourced and environmentally responsible.

Why It's Good For You

"Say goodbye to headaches and reactions from toxic scents in your family's home"

We know how irritating and overpowering synthetic fragrance can be and that you want to steer clear of chemicals and toxins in your home. We know you still want to enjoy the ambiance and reverie of a lit candle or to walk into a room in your home and have you senses uplifted by the transformative power of scent.

We craft beautifully clean Candelilla and Coconut Candles and wax melts as well as a variety of home fragrance goods made with only Nature’s finest ingredients. We do it because you and your family deserve to breathe the very best.

Why We Do It

We created Natural Zen Home Fragrance Studio in Calgary, Alberta as a husband and wife team in 2018 when we learned just how toxic synthetic candles were for respiratory health. We spent two years developing a truly clean candle made with unique, sustainable ingredients and the true scents of Nature.

We continue to expand our product line to offer you healthy replacements for toxic home goods that are synthetically fragranced. The power of scent to uplift your mood and create ambiance is transformative. Our plant based home fragrance goods and clean beautifully scented candles will help you transform your home into a toxin free sanctuary.

Who We Are

Hello natural scent lovers! We are Brett and Carmel, the husband and wife team behind Natural Zen Home Fragrance Studio. We carefully hand craft all of our luxurious non-toxic goods in our home studio in Calgary, Alberta.

We would like to thank you for supporting our small eco-friendly business as we continue to help you improve your indoor air quality and add Zen to your home, one luxurious scent at a time.

Wishing you many moments of Natural Zen,

Brett & Carmel

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