Our Story

Candles and aromas create magic for us, from enhancing the ambiance to effecting our mood. With them we can instantly invoke a feeling or a cozy memory, relax our minds and bodies and indulge in a moment of Zen. We have both always loved candles, but we didn’t love the petroleum products in them or the toxic chemicals emitted when burning them. The synthetic, petroleum based fragrances often gave our friends and guests headaches or allergic reactions. We didn’t want to give up enjoying candles. We used them often for coziness, while meditating or while soaking in a bubble bath and when entertaining guests. So we decided to craft our own candles out of the cleanest materials we can find.

When we designed our candle line, we searched the world over to find ingredients that were the best – for ourselves, for all of you and for our planet. Wax from sustainably harvested plants, beautiful plant derived fragrances and oils, cotton wicks and reusable or recyclable packaging – we chose every element carefully. Natural Zen candles are hand crafted with nature’s finest ingredients. No petroleum, soy or palm and no synthetic fragrances, dyes or additives so we can tread lightly upon the Earth while delighting in its indulgences.

Natural Zen candles are hand poured in our little candle studio located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Calgary, Alberta by wife and husband team Carmel and Brett. We love creating and using our candles and hand crafted products. We love working together as a couple in an environment that is filled with good intentions and love. We love bringing to you clean, beautiful candles and products to enhance your life in positive ways. We hope you will delight in your experience of using them to create many moments of natural Zen.

Thank you for supporting our beloved candle studio.


The Natural Zen Candle Studio

Here is a peek inside our little candle studio, where the magic happens.

The cleanest and best hand poured candles

Clean and healthy Natural Zen Candelilla and Coconut Candles, hand poured in Calgary, Alberta








Inside the Natural Zen candle studio

Inside the Natural Zen candle studio

Inside the Natural Zen candle studio