Aromatherapy Mask Sprays from Natural Zen.

Enjoy Breathing in Your Mask with Aromatherapy Mask Sprays

Our natural Aromatherapy Mask Sprays will help you enjoy every breath you take with your face mask on. Masks will be around for some time so why not use them to your advantage?

Not only will these mask sprays refresh your face mask, they will refresh you with an aromatherapy session at the same time!

No more breathing through hot, stale, odorous masks. Natural Zen’s Aromatherapy Mask Sprays use essential oils to freshen your mask, uplift your senses and help you just breathe again.

We have been loving these mask sprays at work and on our commute- they are a complete game changer!

Simply spray the inside of your mask, wait 30 seconds for it to dry and put it on. Enjoy amazing scents, refreshed breathing and the therapeutic benefits of an aromatherapy session.

Why we love it:
● Eliminates odors naturally
● Keeps face masks fresh and fragrant
● Provides aromatherapy benefits from essential oils
● Uplifts your mood
● Improves your breathing experience while masked
● Lets you enjoy your sense of smell again

Aromatherapy Mask Spray Instructions

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