Welcome to Natural Zen Home Fragrance Studio!

Our natural candles and wax melts are all handcrafted in small batches by our chandler and co-founder Brett.

Our unique blend of candelilla and organic coconut oil is eco-friendly and one of the only naturally found waxes. It burns beautifully, clean and creamy and it makes for a luxurious wax experience.

We do not use additives or synthetics. We use only Nature’s finest ingredients. Our fragrances are cold pressed from the plants, providing the true scents of Nature.

Pouring candelilla and coconut luxury candles

We love working in the studio and creating luxurious home fragrance delights that are. safe for you and our planet. Scents ability to transform mood is powerful.

It takes over a week for a candle to fully set and for its scent to truly develop. Our natural scents are truly beautiful, not overpowering or synthetic.

It is important to keep your wick trimmed to ¼ inch. See our candle care tips here.

We also craft natural wax melts, beautiful Room & Linen Sprays, aromatherapy accessories and a natural, minimalistic laundry care line so you can enjoy scent in your home without the toxins.

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