Hanging Zen Stone Gift Box

$21.95 $24.24

Pair up our plant based natural fragrance oil with a handcrafted Zen Stone for a unique gift. Included in this gift set are 1 hanging Zen Stone and 1 bottle of our natural plant based Refresher Oil. 

Customize this gift with your choice of stone and scent.

Our Zen Stones are aromatherapy scent stones, handcrafted with porous material to act as a passive diffuser. Just add a few drops of our Refresher Fragrance Oil to the stone and you have a wonderful natural air freshener. 

Our hanging zen stones are perfect for scenting a small space such as a car, hanging in closets, on door and cupboard candles, in lockers, in the washroom, at your desk or anywhere you would like to eliminate odors or add some lovely natural scent. Try our hanging Zen Stones on your Christmas Tree with some Pine Oil.

This hanging Zen Stone has a wired ribbon so you can reshape and retie it to fit where you need. When the scent wears off, simply reapply more oil.